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Welcome to:
Wyatt's Twisted Americana Bar & Grill

Great American Comfort Food With A Twist
The Finest 
American Craft Beers & So Much More!

Specialty Meat Sliders
Mix & match your choice to explore these great chef blends.
Venison with merlot & blueberries
Pheasant with cognac
Elk with apples & port wine
Rabbit with white wine & herbs
Buffalo with chipotle chilis
Alligator with Canjun Peppers & Herbs
Wild Boar with Cranberries & Red Wine

Check out our daily specials page. Something great every day!

Need a few great reasons to get twisted with us?


We have these from 50 of the best American craft breweries nationwide!



We're great at these and have
over 50 to choose from!



We're great at this on the weekend!
And a fantastic bloody bar to go with it!


Need more great reasons to get twisted at Wyatts tonight?


Do you really want to attempt this?


You don't want this to happen!




We're happy to do this for you!



A little about Wyatts? 

New Wyatt's

Wyatt came from a humble upbringing
learning to be creative with what was prepared for the dinner table.

Twisting & improving many well known foods and recipes, flavors and textures enhancing the general dining experience.

  Mom always said
                "don't play with your food"
                                                      we disagree!


Want to party at Wyatts? 


Reserve our party table!
Easily accommodates up to sixteen people with room for more.

Birthdays, work parties or whatever
the festive occassion!


Party at your


Catering available!
We are happy and able to do custom catering for any occasion.

Let us know what we can do for you to make your event special.